Sailing the Adriatic Sea? We have you covered!

Tips, tricks and useful information for Sailing in Croatia and Slovenia While at sea. The resources are limited. In the case of need, we summed up the most important information that could help you in the case of emergency or in need of help or assistance while sailing the beautiful Adriatic Sea on the coast of Croatia and Slovenia.
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Well balanced system of the electricity supply on the vessel – what is right and what is wrong

Electricity on the vessel is one of the most important things on it. Especially important is storage of the electricity. The most common way of storing the electricity is the electric batteries. Without electricity on the board, it is not possible to start the engine, to use the anchor winch, the navigation tools, autopilot, to turn on the lights, to listen to the radio, to cool the beer and to use the electric toilet.
Smart battery monitor near a marine

Why having a smart battery monitor Pico on the vessel is an excellent idea.

Until recently I was convinced, that the electric energy on my sailing boat was well-taken care of. I changed batteries three years ago and I expected that electric system on my sailing boat would function well. At that time I also integrated a solar panel and was certain, that the solar panel would solve all my demands for electric energy. But already on my last holidays, I had a feeling that I had to charge batteries more often with my engine, especially because we rarely made stops in marinas.