Fresh, gray or black – keep your waters under control with ST107 module. ST107 is an the ultimate digital module, that allows wide connection (and monitoring) possibilities.

It enables monitoring up to:

  • 7 tank levels
  • 3 battery voltages
  • 4 temperatures



ST107 is a versatile module for monitoring tank and temperature sensors as well as battery voltage. Equipped with four resistance inputs for resistance-type tank level or temperature sensors and three voltage inputs for voltage-type tanks sensors and battery voltages allows wide connection possibilities.

Manual System overview Wiring diagrams

Technical specifications

Voltage range 6 – 35 V
Temperature range -20 – +70 °C
Power consumption at 12V
Operating 2,5 mA
Voltage inputs
Range 0 – 35 V
Resolution 1 mV
Accuracy ± 0,2 %
Sampling rate 100 ms
Resistance inputs
Range 0 ohm – 65 kohm
Accuracy ± 3,0 %
Number of connections
Tank level sensors 7
Temperature sensors 4

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