Can I upgrade my PICOone, PICO or PICO+ battery monitor software (firmware upgrade)?

Is there a mobile app available for my PICOone, PICO or PICO+?
How long does the firmware upgrade take?

Yes. For best PICO experience, it is recommended to upgrade PICO’s firmware to the latest version. You can perform the upgrade via PICO Battery Monitor smartphone application available on your smartphone App market.
The WiFi SSID and Password are generated from your PICO serial number. You can find the serial number on the back of the PICO, on the side of the retail box and in PICO SETTINGS > SYSTEM > System Info.

EXAMPLE: (If your Pico serial number would be 12345678)
SSID: Pico5678
Default password: pico1234


PLEASE NOTE! It is important to download the latest PICO Battery Monitor application before proceeding with the firmware upgrade. Please follow the below firmware upgrade procedure:

Install or upgrade to the latest PICO Battery Monitor application on your smartphone.
Turn on the WiFi connection on your PICO. Connect your smartphone to PICO WiFi network PICOxxxx.

Launch the PICO Battery Monitor App on your smartphone. Go to menu settings and click Upgrade PICO’s firmware to put the PICO in Upgrade mode. The upgrade procedure will take less than a minute.

After the upgrade, PICO will reboot and will be ready for us.

For the detailed instructions, you can click on the following link: